Quick Hits

About 1,500 of the usual suspects rallied today in San Diego against the Monsanto Corporation and Genetically Modified Foods. 

(I say the usual suspects because they are the base of every nut bag leftist group — women in floppy hats and huge glasses and guys wearing red bandanas beating drums. The general message appears to be the Monsanto is “poisoning us.” 

I am not certain how they explain the average age of death rises every year, and I guess the guy with the drum is designed to drown out any person asking the question. 


The City of San Bernardino is trying to get out of bankruptcy, and must submit their exit plan to the the Federal Judge by May 30. (I have taken a computer company out of bankruptcy and it isn’t easy.)

The City has made major efforts but there are several sticking points, including city salaries:Every city union has agreed to a salary cut of 10% EXCEPT firemen and police. (There are six firemen who made more money last year than did the City Manager!)

Not only did the Fire Union refuse pay cuts, but the union has sued the city multiple times in the past two years, costing the city money it didn’t have.

The result of the fire union recalcitrance is that the city has put out fire and medical contracts out for bid to surrounding cities, CalFire, and most interestingly, out to a private fire company. 

The city is serious about getting out of bankruptcy, even taking away medical care from all retirees, but the insertion of a private fire company into the mix has made the fire Union particularly nervous. So nervous, in fact that they have raised the specter of nearby union fire departments refusing to offer mutual protection contracts in case of soon to be expected wild land fires.

That should tell you everything you need to know about unions.

I’m sorry if I can’t rise or kneel in the presence of David Letterman, whose exit appears to dominate even the national evening news shows. Just never warmed up to him, or his show. I’m glad others think we’ll of him, but even at that his exit should only be fodder for Entertainment Tonight, not actual news shows.

I have the distinct feeling that Obama treats ISIL with the same sort of disdain that I treat Letterman — but Obama’s disdain is much worse. 


The Gallup Poll finds that Americans vastly overestimate the size of the LBGT population. In a poll conducted by Gallup, fewer than 4 % self-identify as Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay or Transgender combined.

They certainly have power far beyond their numbers.


TV manufacturers are doing cartwheels to get people to buy new TVs, primarily because most people are really satisfied with their current flat-screen TVs. The 3D trial has not caught on and 4K is really good if you have a ginormous set and sit really close. 
The TV manufacturers seem to have produced themselves into the box that desktop computers have been for years — desktop computers are vastly more powerful than all but 1% of enthusiasts could possibly use. Asked by a lady in COSTCO several years if I knew anything about computers and what should she buy, I replied, accurately, that all computers are way beyond her capacity to use so she might just as well pick on the color she liked. The new eight core i7– 5960x chip alone is a cool $1,000 or so — but who (except Gamers) really needs that much power?

TV manufacturers are getting in that position. 4k TV sets have just been standardized driving down 1080 sets into the bargain basement position, and OLED sets — with still more vastly improved pictures are on the way at $10,000. So, 1080s are good, 4K is better and OLED is best but the differences are really only for those with perfect pitch and 16:9 aspect eyeballs!

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