Caution: Genius at Work

SpaceX is on a roll — two huge wins recently without even launching a rocket!For years a consortium of Big Corporations (Boeing and Lockheed Martin) have had a monopoly on making military space launches for satellites. last April tiny SpaceX — an Elon Musk corporation — sued the government to permit SpaceX to compete for those lucrative and frequent launches. (Nothing like suing the people who could pay you!)

The suit must have resulted in an agreement because SpaceX dropped the suit and SpaceX will be allowed to compete next month for a future satellite launch. Boeing and Lockheed Martin use reworked old Russian engines in their rockets, and Congress has already banned them after 2019, but the newly approved SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket is much cheaper and very reliable. The “Consortium”. (Read “Monopoly”) had better start squeezing the fat out of their program, because there is a new kid on the block. I have the feeling that that Elon Musk — the brain behind PayPal and Tesla automobiles, is about to eat their lunch. 

The other SpaceX victory is the approval of their Astronaut capsule, to be used in future, taking Astronauts to the Space Station — and those human replacement rocket shots are currently a Russian monopoly. That will soon end, also.

Musk is an American disruptive engine, and he has set his sights on Mars colonization — don’t bet against him!   

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