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A tragic story in San Diego of a woman who ran down a Navy Chief Petty officer driving a motorcycle in her automobile, during a road rage event.

The woman, in her 20s, had her license returned to her just two months ago after a two year suspension. She had her license suspended by the State of California for “lack of knowledge or skill.”!

The sentences for motor vehicle deaths in California is terribly low, but this would be a murder charge in my book! 


On the subject of stupid California sentencing laws, a 14 year old girl has been sentenced to probation for a crime she perpetrated when she was 13.

She started a fire in her back yard. Then the next day she started another fire that got away, burned down 35 homes, and caused $28 million damage. 

She didn’t get off Scott-free…she has to pay restitution of $6 million — as if she will ever repay any substantial amount. She has to do 400 hours of “community service” but she is seen in the neighborhood riding her yellow bike.

If it was up to me, she would forfeit any possession, such as her bike, her cell phone, her computer, and she would not be permitted Facebook or ANY social messaging until age 18!

Stupid state law precludes time in Juvenile Hall, but the sentence was not even a slap on the wrist.

Only the 35 homeowners whose homes burned to the ground were punished!


The Republican field is getting like a clown car — but many of the candidates are first class.

Cruz is the smartest, by far, but not the brightest. 

Walker is the brightest but not the smartest. 

Cruz picks unnecessary fights. Good lawyering, not good politics!

Rubio probably has the best chance — or possibly Walker — because they have made the fewest mistakes, and in this race, making few mistakes is a decided plus.

Bush can raise the most money, but he is a Bush. 


ABC National News tonight covered something my wife and I did for more than a quarter century — swapping houses for vacations.

All in all we swapped houses to go to Kauai –twice — and to Tahoe for Skied and we skied Whistler for several weeks as well. The Kauai exchanges turned into 17 more trips to the same home in Kauai with the now friends traveling around the world without coming to our home.

It works!

A friend and his wife who came with us many times is in the midst of a six months exchange to Kauai.

I have been offered a houseboat in the Bahamas, an apartment in Paris, and an exchange to the Bay of Plenty in New Zealand for a year!

I have an 18 page guide to Home Exchanging at http://allenhemphill.com/newpage22.h


The Greenman column in the Vancouver Sun had an interesting title,”Garden Hacks” so as an inveterate gardener who has Spring fever, and in the garden daily looking for easier ways, 

I immediately turned to the column.

Noting really new or particularly interesting, until I got to:

“In Urban Homesteading, Rachel Kaplan suggest quitting your job to live a simpler life urban homesteadingbenefits the environment and your physical and mental health…She says full-time work is a “trap” in which we earn as much as possible yet don’t live a sensible life.”

You know if all the people at the Vancouver Sun quit and went home, as she recommends, no one would be able to read the column! Dumb people should have stronger editors!

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  1. The parents of that fire bug are legally responsible for her actions. I seriously doubt if even they could pay 6 mil but they do have a home, car(s), savings, etc. Those assets would be a start.

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