Siri? Cortana is Flirting With Us!

The best technical information I have heard recently is that Microsoft will port Cortana voice assist to the Apple environment.

I know nothing about Cortana, but Siri is one of my few bĂȘte noires — Siri is often unavailable, usually obtuse, even dense! Yesterday, Siri found the upholstery shop I was seeking, but would not read it to me and told me to look at my screen. 

At California lane one freeway speeds? Gimme’ a break, Siri!

It is particularly galling when I am on the freeway at 82 MPH, When all I can do is scream at an un-hearing Siri. Cortana cannot be worse!

Siri was a marvel when first introduced, but it has not progressed into anything approximating artificial intelligence — it is, as I have described my writing the Navy’s first AI program, all artificial and no intelligence.

Welcome Cortana!