Siri? Cortana is Flirting With Us!

The best technical information I have heard recently is that Microsoft will port Cortana voice assist to the Apple environment.

I know nothing about Cortana, but Siri is one of my few bête noires — Siri is often unavailable, usually obtuse, even dense! Yesterday, Siri found the upholstery shop I was seeking, but would not read it to me and told me to look at my screen. 

At California lane one freeway speeds? Gimme’ a break, Siri!

It is particularly galling when I am on the freeway at 82 MPH, When all I can do is scream at an un-hearing Siri. Cortana cannot be worse!

Siri was a marvel when first introduced, but it has not progressed into anything approximating artificial intelligence — it is, as I have described my writing the Navy’s first AI program, all artificial and no intelligence.

Welcome Cortana!

One Response

  1. Allen, you need to stop driving so fast. Keep it to 10 over and the CHP will leave you alone.

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