Solving Problems — Flood and Drought Edition

There are THOUSANDS of miles of ABANDONED railroad right-of-way that crisscross America. Can someone tell me why there are not flexible, inflatable conduits draining the flood waters from Texas into California, day and night?

As I watch Texas drown under rain that if normalized across that huge state would cover the entire state in eight inches of water, I remember the recent Texas drought. That TEXAS drought was as bad as is the current California drought.

It is not just the excess water of Texas, it is the snows of the mid-West that regularly flood the Central States — in Bountiful Utah, they use sandbags to make rivers out of the streets to siphon off the snowpack runoff. Someone has a brain! 

In any given given year, some areas of this nation have droughts while others have great surpluses — and we tolerate this yearly without making ANY efforts to engineer a solution to this continuing problem!

The plantation owners of Kauai managed to engineer a solution to their problem of sun on the southern beaches of Hawaiian Islands, while the northern parts of the Islands get Tradewinds — and rain. The plantation owners had tunnels hand dug through the mountains to get water to their crops (my wife and I have tubed down the placid waters), and why this cannot be scaled to the larger nation with newer technology and engineering, I don’t understand. 

Those thousands of miles of abandoned railroad right-of-way can be the pattern for providing, and when necessary reversing, water flows. We never know when drought, or floods will occur, but one of the things that differentiates human activity from animals, is that humans adapt to their environment.

We can do this drought/flood thingie a lot better than simply wringing our hands.

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