Transparency (Please?)

Brad Byers is the family member of a high school classmate, and Brad has finally hit upon a good idea (blind chicken and all that) — not just cameras on policemen, but on teachers!

I love it! Brad wants the parents to see their young “Darlings” in their school habitat, something that protects teachers from false charges, and indeed the students as well.

I doubt teachers will buy it — except for those in districts with marginal students who fear violence. Teachers probably do not want to have video of their bad teachers — or more accurately, the teacher’s unions don’t want that evidence on video.

I understand that teachers feel put upon because they are no longer held in the high regard that they once were, but their unions have done that to them and the teachers vote for and fund their unions.

Transparency is good everywhere except in military matters, so I support teachers and police wearing lapel cameras. Police will have this forced upon them, but teachers…not so much, I suspect. (In fact, I am certain.)

I think Brad is on to something.

One Response

  1. I am not so sure because where does it stop? The next group will have to wear them, then the next group all the way down to the paper boy. Then we will all be living in the surveillance state. What about the mad accused of domestic violence? Will he be required to wear it inside his home? What about the guy who gets a speeding ticket? Does he have to wear it when he drives or have a monitor placed on his car that reports to the police?

    The only way to stop it is not make anyone wear it, including police officers and we trust them to hire the best qualified and make good decisions.

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