Should DARPA Hold A Sex Doll Competition?

What if you gave a technology challenge and the Co-Founder of Google (Larry Page), the Founder of Uber, and Elon Musk of Tesla and SpaceX attended.

The Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (readers will recognize DARPA as my vote for the best, non-military government department) held the finals — at least for this year — of a Robotics Competition.
The United States did not win, South Korea won, but the U.S. was second and third, winning respectively $1 million and $500,000. The South Korean winning team won the $2 million First Prize.

Each Robot was called upon to perform eight tasks in less than an hour, replicating similar tasks to what could be required to efficiently enter and work at the fated Fukushima Nuclear plan; drive a car to a site, dismount, open doors, cross rubble, use a power saw, etc.

Many competing Robots fell down and could not recover — others spent too much time doing nothing, just standing, and time ran out for them.

Google, leading in autonomous cars, is known to be seeking more automation (but it’s reasons are Top Secret), having bought several Robotic companies. Elton Musk of SpaceX has his eventual sights set on Mars, and Uber, well Uber — who knows what Uber has planned, but Uber has hired a bunch of robotics teachers and professors.

There are all sorts of Social Scientists all a-twitter about the arming of robots for warfare….ahhh, yea, that would be why a DARPA would be interested…but obviously, the technology also has civilian uses. You can bet the future Robots will be weaponized, Pearl-clutches Anonymous not withstanding.

“My Robots can beat your Robots!”

I attended the DARPA autonomous car competition with a friend in Victorville in 2007, and the stands were empty except for my friend and I. (Stanford University won the $2 million prize.) and the difference between that nascent competition and autonomous vehicles today is light-years, not eight years!

Obviously DARPA competition has arrived!   

There is much ink being written about Artificial Intelligence Robotic Sex Dolls, but at my age I am more interested in driverless cars being widely available, before I lose my license and my independence.

I wonder if DARPA will do a competition for robotic Sex Dolls? Believe me, there is a military advantage to doing so!

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