Technology is Poaching, not Innovating.

One of the flags that entrepreneurs and corporations look for is success — “hmmm…that little company is really doing well. I think we can do better if we…”The Evernote/One Note niche looks really good to Google…so good that the Evernote CEO says his company needs a new, professional CEO. Others looking at the niche include Dropbox
I am a great fan of Evernote. As a “pile maker” I had stacks all around the house — real estate information and contracts, fully and partially developed columns, requests for money from philosophically agreeable organizations…six of seven piles without organization. 
They are gone. All converted to PDF files that I can catalog through my iPad and it is all instantly synced to my office computer and iPhone.
I love it! My Evernote Scanner grinds away at 30 pages a minute — both sides!
Evernote is not alone. Flipboard, which is my “go-to” media aggregator is being looked at by something called Apple News. Apple News is hiring editors today. 

I love Flipboard! I have catholic taste, loving disparate subjects including Archeology, Paleontology, gardening, technology, politics, law, Space…Flipboard knows what I might want to read.

Here comes Apple…

I don’t know. Perhaps they can do better…or make Flipboard better through competition…

Then there is Apple entering the music industry with both feet — jumping far outside its iTunes, first buying Beats headphone business and their music service and is now going large in music to compete in streaming.

I welcome that competition as well. I happen to use Sirius/XM in the car, and Pandora in the home, both of which are great services. If Apple can be better, or is cheaper, go for it. 

It is apparent that computer technology is morphing into poaching, rather than innovating. 

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