Begging Is Not “Negotiating”

In any negotiation, the party who cannot walk away, loses. It makes no difference if is is the Charger’s negotiation with San Diego, the U.S. negotiating with the Iranians over Nukes or the European Union negotiation with Greece.

(About the Chargers…I don’t care although I once was a Charger fan, but I see three problems with the Chargers, indeed the NFL: Subsides, Felonies, and Salaries.)

But the San Diego negotiators are currently in the begging mode.

The U.S. is a true supplicant in the Iranian negotiation that it is embarrassing. The Iranians have been negotiators for 3,000 years, their facilities are too deep for Israel, and the U.S. is toothless, feckless, and out of their league. Iran KNOWS the U.S. Will do NOTHING and Israel can do nothing even with Saudi help.

That leaves Greece. Greece has a Socialist government that feels (like other socialist governments) that any loans they have taken are no longer loans, but gifts — and to hell with the lender!

The Greek position is that they can only repay the due portion of their debt, if the lender will lend them the money to do that.

Strangely enough, the European Union may be about to do just that…for about the fifth time. The Greeks also say that they will not introduce any pension and government employee reforms. That is actually an improvement — in the past they promised to do what they actually would not.

 The Greeks have been such a drag on the EU, it is hard to see the downside for the EU should the EU decide to cut their loses.

I watch with interest, but even that grows dimmer as I am solidly into my octogenarian decade. Every time I want to leave it to the youth I watch Water’s World on Fox and ask myself if I should still be semi involved with my newspaper column, or if it is any longer worthwhile.

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