Labor, Strikes and Wages

I have always been interested in the term “Collective Bargaining” because the ultimate threat is always a “Strike.”  It is not collective bargaining that concerns me but a “Strike.”
If a person, say named Guido, comes into your dry cleaning business in New Jersey, and menacingly says, “to stay in business you need to pay me $300 a week, or my organization will have to … Ahhhh…could we say put you out of business?” — you would recognize that as an illegal shakedown. The Mob practiced that up and down the streets of the East Coast for many decades. Many Mob members were jailed, and the practice is now done by just a few Gangs.
Now suppose you are the owner of that same dry cleaning business, and Guido comes into your plant. “How would you like our organization to shut your plant down. It will only cost another $300 a week to stay open!”

This Guido is a Union Organizer, and the people are your employees — the very people who wanted the job so badly that they competed to get the job, and we’re so appreciative…once.

Now I believe in an unalienable right to QUIT! Unhappy employees should peddle their superior skills elsewhere, employers are ALWAYS looking for great employees. 

So quit! It might be a good idea to have the new job before quitting the old, but the U.S. ended its slavery more than a century and a half ago. It is really surprising in this era of instant news, that so many have never heard of the end of slavery!

Let me tell you a story of a Marine Enlisted who took my class on Spreadsheets at the University.

Since everyone has dreams of owning their own company, each class member was assigned to start their own company on a Spreadsheet, the Marine first made a presentation on his new company: “on weekends, I drive for a Limousine company, and we only make minimum wage. I am going to start a Limousine Company in Oceanside with three new stretch limos, an office on the Main Drag for visibility, and pay my drivers WAY above minimum.

Each week, each student had to make a report.

His reports sounded like this: “do you have any idea what a stretch Lincoln costs? Not to mention the insurance on a vehicle like that which is offered for public hire!”

Then: “Do you know that the offices on the Main Drag cost $2.00 a square foot per month? I have to sign a five year lease — for 2,00 square feet, that’s obligating myself for $250,000, whether I make it or not!”

Then: “have you seen Attorney Fees, advertising rates, the cost of furniture, anticipated repair and maintenance, insurance on the office, and E&O insurance, plus Liability on the company?”

Long story short — his final plan was one used, leased Limo, run out of his house, and paying his Marine friends minimum wage.

Reality bites!

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