Another Unused Weapon

You probably don’t know it, but the tip of Point Loma in San Diego is honeycombed with tunnels. They feature huge 16 foot steel and concrete bunkers, and back in the 1960s I worked in one at the very tip of the Point.

That tunnel, called Battery Humphrey, was directly under the Point Loma Lighthouse, and, like all the tunnels, was constructed in WWII to house huge guns to counteract potential Japanese Naval gunfire in case of an invasion.
I worked in Battery Humphrey, in charge of a Top Secret computer database system called the Integrated Flagship Data System, and that Battery was selected for the computer system because, in addition to the 16 foot walls, it was under several hundred feet of dirt — great for attenuating electronic signals.

Wohy do I mention this? Because, as a POLITICO article (Plan B for Iran) reports, the current Plan B for Iran is a huge 15 ton bomb that can penetrate several hundred feet of rock and 30 feet of concrete before exploding. Just to make sure, the bomb can be serially dropped to provide a hole into which the second bomb can make a “hole within a hole”

The object in releasing this information is to get the Iranians to sign onto and adhere to the French-led Nuclear Arms talks, due for signing any day now. The Iranians know that the Obama administration will not actually DROP such ordinance, but they may fear a coming Republican administration.

This is “Spy Vs Spy,” with the Iranians building deeper, and our ordinance destroying deeper.

I suspect that we can develop faster than they can build — the time needed to build and outfit huge facilities being what it is — but unless we give the weapons and delivery systems to the Israelis, pretty much everyone agrees the weapons will not be used — except as a threat.

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