Our Very Messy Future

You may have noted my continuous reference to Robotics. ‘This is true, because, while I don’t believe in the Robot Dominance being preached by some really bright people, I DO think that we should plan for social unrest from unemployment.

The United States already has the highest percentage of those who have left the working place in decades, we could see the rolls climb. Drastically. We are going to have to prepare for a vastly different society. I have noted before that both the Greeks and Romans had slaves to perform most work, and they had a system that worked but their societies didn’t have much demand for money. Living simply, they didn’t need much.
We, on the other hand, have a great deal of expectations. Even the underclasses live well in America. (Very well!)

An Aussie has just announced the development of an automated brick layer, called “Hadrian.”. Apparently bricks are big in Australia because they have serious wildfires there, and after a shortage of bricklayers in 2006, he set his mind on solving a 6,000 year-old brick problem. 

The new automated bricklayer can lay 1,000 bricks an hour, Working around the clock, the machine can build a house every two days, rain and shine, without lunch breaks, paternity leave or union rules.

The Perth newspaper from whose on-line site this news comes has some great comments by Aussies, including “Brickies” and Luddites and control computer engineers. They are hilarious!

I hope that some Think Tanks are looking seriously at the transition game. (If you ever played basketball, soccer, or LaX, then your Coach has yelled at you that “You are being killed in the transition game.”

Yes, we will be! It could be really messy!


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