SCOTUS and Marriage

I am all over the place with the Gay Marriage thing — but in summary, so as not to step on the lede, my general opinion is that the Gay Marriage ruling was the right decision done the wrong way, much as was Rowe v Wade.
The ruling reinforced the “all men are created equal” before the law, and insofar as government is concerned, IF government is to be involved in the marriage business, all should be treated equally.

This, of course begs the question “Should government be involved in marriage?” — I have never thought so, and do not think so today. I believe that marriage — which only began in the Early Middle Ages, should be a church issue. Until the inception of formalized church marriage, a girl and boy exchanged vows in private. Since God was “everywhere” He heard their vows.

Getting government involved was the marriage business meant that government set the rules — of government marriage of course, even government cannot touch religious ceremonies, at least not yet!

And, actually even government is still ambivalent about their own “equal protection” rules. Incestuous marriage relations are still not permitted, regardless of “equal protection,” nor are bigamous marriages. (So much for “people should be able to marry whomever they love” argument.)

Today, as a week ago, a church can perform — or not perform — any wedding ceremonies they choose, but as the tacit ban on Blacks by the Mormons proved decades ago, public pressure may prove too strong in the future for churches to ban Gay Marriage as well.

Since many (most?) couple — Gay and Straight — simply live together without the “benefit” of a church or a government wedding, the subject is becoming moot.

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