SCOTUS Didn’t Change Church Law!

Hysteria aside, SCOTUS didn’t change Church marriage.

Churches make the rules of church weddings, and nothing has changed. 

SCOTUS, the highest part of government LAW, changed GOVERNMENT LAW.

2 Responses

  1. Sure, SCOTUS didn’t change church law but their ruling will lead the way to more federal intervention.

    For example, Christian bakery cannot refuse to make a wedding cake for a gay couple. A landlord cannot refuse to rent to whomever he/she finds undesirable including gang-bangers. Banks were forced to write mortgages for minorities with no ability to pay. Medical insurers are forced to cover individuals with terminal illnesses.

    Where does it all end?

  2. Yes, that is true, and I oppose any interference with a shopkeeper setting his/her personal restrictions. The freedom of a shopkeeper who puts their money and time into his shop, far exceeds a customer who simply drops by!

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