Obama Achievements(sic)

A friend sent me a Facebook page supporting the achievements of President Obama, with several bullet points. I could not help replying:
“I’ll not share if you don’t mind. It is just bumper sticker sloganeering. 

Yes, Obamacare has been upheld for 6.4 million people, a paltry number when you consider a population north of 300 million — and the deductibles and co-payments rose for the remainder because there was no magic pot of money to pay for the 6.4 million. Robbing Peter to pay Paul has always brought plaudits from Paul.

Plans to overhaul infrastructure and overtime pay, huh? I have plans for a Viking Cruise. I have no money for it, but I have plans, and like Obama, they will come true if someone else pays for it.

SCOTUS rules for Gay Marriage — oh, you mean that same Gay Marriage Obama OPPOSED three years ago? THAT Gay Marriage

Jobs at a 15 year high? Really? The Work Force participation is at a 40 year low! You are taking credit for population increases, but the percentage of workers in the workforce is the lowest in Four decades! Those 17 vacancies in my local community shopping center are still there!”

I am not certain exactly who placed support for Obama on my Facebook page, but they could not have been serious…although I do have friends who are Obama supporters. They all vote left but live their own lives in a conservative manner.

That has always impressed me, how conservative they are in daily like.

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