Trump Opens a Dialog

Trump may have overstated his point, but at least he was absolutely correct that Mexico is not sending us their best and brightest. Most of the compadres I assisted over 20 years were between illiterate and semi-literate.

Most were also hard-working and honest. In our neighborhood, the workers were self policing. They had a jefe (chief), and mis-behavior meant either banishment from our community, and in really bad transgressions, the entire family could be banished.

In larger communities with transient workers, things were worse because the workers came from various areas and did not as in my community, come from a tiny town in Mexico exclusively to our community — so I can really only speak about their literacy. They were illiterate. Certainly not the best and brightest, but good people. I sponsored two of them, personally, standing in line with them at the Immigration off ice for the “Reagan Amnesty.”

The border is broken. It is 30 minutes away from my home, and we had one illegal alien in Escondido who has been deported 17 times, and the murderer of a California Highway Patrolman in Oceanside had been deported six times.

For awhile, the Obama administration made at least a public effort to deport serial lawbreakers and major lawbreakers, but that effort appears lately to be abandoned. In areas like Escondido where the post office serves my current community, illegal aliens are well represented on the Most Wanted list, as it is in Los Angeles.

The argument that illegal aliens commit crimes at a lower rate than US citizens is a fallacious argument because the crimes by illegal aliens are IN ADDITION to the crimes committed by our citizens. Illegal alien crime would be ZERO if Illegal Aliens were not here. are not

Trump may be a bomb thrower, and he may well cost the Latino vote, but it was never there for anyone except Cruz and Jeb, and only minimally for them.

On balance, Trump had a point.

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