The Alamo is a Racist Site?

There is now a move to deny the Alamo a listing among the World Heritage Sites, because the “Imperialistic” defenders fought the “brown” people of Santa Ana’s Army from Mexico. Further the proposed nation of Texas was to be a nation permitting slavery, meaning that the Alamo was a “racist” site.

I kid you not!

I’ll tell you what’s worse — one of the leaders of the “Alamo is Racist,” Rosie Castro, is the mother of the former Mayor of San Antonio, Julian Castro. Castro is a potential for a Democratic Party VP.

ROSIE is an activist for La Raza and was quoted in the New York Times in 2010: “They told us how glorious that battle was. When I grew up I learned that the ‘heroes’ of the Alamo were a bunch of drunks and crooks and slaveholding imperialists who conquered land that didn’t belong to them. But as a little girl I got the message—we were losers. I can truly say that I hate that place and everything it stands for.”

Certainly sounds like the makings of a Democratic Party Vice Presidential family to me!

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