The socialist Greeks just voted to stiff the feckless Europeans. The Greeks can now be officially called, “Deadbeats.”

The Greeks contend that the money was borrowed by previous governments.

That’s like saying I won’t repay my credit card because I was married to a different guy then.

Sorry, they spent the money on cars and jewelry — or in this case, impossible no-show jobs and pensions, which the people are STILL collecting.

Man up. Pay your debts!

The Greeks just challenged the Europeans to try to repo the car the Greeks are in arrears on, and the Europeans — being European — say, “Can we still talk?”

Of course the Greeks are deadbeats. They didn’t take a bite of the steak and send it back, but, as Judge Judy would say, “They ate the steak.”

Now they refuse to pay. THEY ATE THE STEAK!

Now the feckless Europeans have TWICE loaned the Deadbeats the money to make a payment on conditions, and the Deadbeats have NEVER met the conditions.


Never borrow anything small, and the Deadbeats borrowed BIG, because as a separate nation the Deadbeats were paying 10% interest on the open market, but the day the Deadbeats joined the EU, the creditworthiness of the EU kicked in and the Deadbeats could borrow at 3%.

The Deadbeats went on a borrowing spree and paid Hairdressers to retire at age 40 ,because Hairdressing was, like police and fire, a “hazardous” profession.

In the U.S., neither police nor fire are in the top 10 hazardous professions, much less hairdressing.

Bah! Classic Deadbeats!

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