Trump, Right And Wrong — Congratulations, Anyway

Congratulations to Donald Trump for the beginning of a long overdue dialog on Sanctuary Cities, and violent illegal aliens, even if he had the facts wrong. If he had not been so blustery, his comments on immigration would not have received any more attention than those of any other Republican candidate — which is to say, none. The former Governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer, tried mightily to bring this issue to the fore and got dumped on with vigor by the Feds and the press.  
As I have blogged many times before I was the Mexican Connection in North Poway, California for more than two decades. I was bi-lingual and bi-cultural. 

When the Wall Street Journal was researching for a series of articles in the 70s, they interviewed the Assistant Attorney General and after the interview, the reporter asked if there was anyone who could speak on behalf of the illegal aliens, and the AG laughingly said, “Go talk to Allen. He is a friend, and this is his phone number.”

Trump was wrong on his ratio. By far most illegal aliens are good people. Hard working agricultural types, who are loyal and kind, just not educated. Most of those I dealt with were illiterate or semi-literate, but in 22 years — many of which I was president or chairman of the board of the rural HOA, and I KNOW that there were ZERO crimes committed by illegal aliens in all of that time. After I left there was one killing of an illegal by another illegal, but that did not impact the residents, other than bringing unwanted attention to the illegals.

I could tell many stories of the kindness of the illegals to me and my family, and of the way the local police and the California Highway Patrol taking a hands-off attitude so long as there was peace.

And there was peace because the illegals — hundreds of them — were just normal humans who wanted to work, get paid and people like me would send “remittances” back home for them. It was foreign aid, person-to-person without going through the greedy hands of the Mexican government. Our illegals came from a tiny town in the center of Mexico with a single telephone, and our community adopted them, taking pickup trucks of goods to their community, because the illegals were more than workers. They were friends.

Is there a criminal element? Absolutely.!

If you check the Top Ten of any Most Wanted of every Southern California city or town you will see almost all of them are Latinos, legal and illegal, but mostly illegal. That is because the criminal element can get across the border in less than an hour. 

The Mexican police are very good at finding and returning wanted criminals, but criminals feel as if they can hide better south of the border. That is probably not true, but that is their feeling.

Good for Trump in pointing that there is a criminal element, and now the nation knows of the revolving door of actual violent criminals. In Southern California we deal with the now famous criminal acts of illegals daily.

There is an element that says that the illegals commit, on average, fewer criminal acts than US citizens, but they neglect to say that criminal acts by illegals is in ADDITION TO the criminal acts of citizens, and many illegals are getting special treatment by law enforcement that permits serial criminal acts by illegals.

The terrible murder in San Fransisco combined with the simultaneous Trump overstatement was a “Perfect Storm” and brought national attention to a HUGE festering problem.

I just hope that the criminal element of the illegals getting special treatment from Sanctuary Cities leads to some serious reform, and if it does, Trump gets some credit.

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