The Left Is Unified On Greece

First it is important to note that Democratic Candidate, and US Senator Bernie Sanders congratulated Greece for turning down the European Unions last offer in their Greek Referendum.
POLITICO reported:

“I applaud the people of Greece for saying ‘no’ to more austerity for the poor, the children, the sick and the elderly,” Sanders said in welcoming Sunday’s vote, even as it rattled world markets and provoked predictions of economic doom. The statement didn’t just align Sanders with left-wing Europeans; it aligned him with left-wing Greek socialists who are too radical for some of those left-wing Europeans.

Read more:

Now, the Greeks, begging, hat in hand, want to borrow more money to pay off old debts — for the third time. But the Greeks do promise to reform their pensions (which they said just last week was a “Red Line”) and increase the VAT on their Islands — which they have promised before, and reneged on — it’s Lucy and football time, REDUX.

I think the Europeans are somewhat divided on how to reply. The IMF, dealing with primarily American money, is willing to be generous with American taxpayer money. The French, under Socialist President Hollande, are simpatico with the socialist Greeks, and always anxious to spend German money, is supportive of Greece as well. So are Italy, Spain and Portugal because their economic woes are just behind Greece, and they will be asking for their rice bowl to be filled by the EU on the same favorable terms they want for Greece.

We shall see how the meeting of the 28 nations of the EU answers, on Sunday.

Bernie Sanders obviously wants the money spigot opened with or without reforms, but the EU may have such institutional memory that it remembers past Greek non-reforms.

Just remember Bernie’s opinion on the Greek Referendum, and remember too that Bernie has great support within the Democratic Party, showing how far left the Democratic Party has moved.

The answer is very far left. Even Obama weighed in on the subject trying to ease the pain for socialist Greece.

 The left has spoken. It is united.

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