The Guillotine is Thirsty and Awaits….

The Confederate Battle Flag is down in South Carolinaand is a triumph of symbolism over substance — and one wonders how far this modern French Revolution will go, executing symbols hour after hour, until it reaches Robespierre.
I believe that it was probably the Washington Redskins kerfuffle that was the beginning of the “hate symbol” mob that charged the Symbol Bastille, but there is now a bloodlust in the nation and the guillotine will not be denied.  

Well, enough of the metaphors, you get the message, if you know history, and if you don’t…
Already, cities and states are looking to see if their flag, symbol or slogan might offend some, anyone. 

Actually, even the mention of God appears to offend some activist Atheists, so I suspect everything offends someone, but as the Facebook note I reposted yesterday, “Just because you are offended, doesn’t mean you are right.”

Several years after I began writing and publishing my column, our home was firebombed (with minor success) three times. I finally called my attorney late one night, and he sleepily informed me that, “Alan, your enemies list is the San Diego phone book!”

(I found the guy, we had a very short discussion, and he never did anything again.)

Then there were the Hangul phone calls at all hours of the night, but primarily after midnight. That was a man in Rancho Bernardo. A phone tap caught him, and he had a visit from the Sheriff.

The point is that even a sweet, non-toxic guy like me can offend someone…

Who will you offend today…the Guillotine is thirsty and awaits

One Response

  1. Have you taken a good look at our California flag?

    That bear has brown fur and I am offended.
    The bear is a grandmother and I am offended.
    She is hungry and headed for my tent and I am offended.
    The grass is green and we’re in a drought. I am offended.
    The star is red so the bear must be a communist. I am offended.
    We are a state not a republic so I am offended.
    We are a Democratic state not Republic-an. I am offended.
    Why just a red stripe? What about the other five LGBT colors. I am offended.

    Burn it and start over. I will be offended by its replacement.

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