Trust Iran?

The Iran Treaty depends upon trust– but the U.S. has little “SnapBack” power to reintroduce sanctions if the Iranians cheat. Our “friends” at the UN are not going to lose the Iranian oil again.
It is more likely that Israel will have to solve the problem on their own. If the need is seen soon by Israel, they may well use nuclear weapons (nuclear weapons are not a deterrent if your opponent believes they will not be use under any circumstances), and perhaps only a few with the threat of more to come.

If the perceived threat comes about after the change of administrations — I believe that even Hillary would be stronger in responding than is Obama — a new administration may share our largest and most powerful bomb, whatever that is. The 30,000 MOP (Massive Ordinance Penetrator is public, but the U.S. has a habit of not revealing our most powerful weaponry) can be passed to Israel along with the B-2 delivery system.

I have no idea what the Iranians will do now, or how the U.S. and Europeans will react if the Iranians are caught cheating, but I am not sanguine that this will end well.

History says you should not be, either.   

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