Unrealistic Expectations

The Iranian Foreign Minister says today, that the restriction on ballistic is not in the main body of the agreement but in Annex, and “restrictions” are not required but Iran is “called upon to comply” — therefore not binding. 
Further, the Foreign Minister says, the restriction on ballistic missile development is on ballistic missiles designed to carry nuclear weapons, and since Iran never intended to develop nuclear weapons, the restriction is invalid.

Not to mention that the religious leader still calls for “Death to America,” but that is nothing new.

What is new is that Kerry says these things are “troubling” — as if (almost) everyone could see and here that coming from the get-go. 

Saudi Arabia has expressed their disgust with the deal — it is not a treaty — and, while they do not have the interest or assets to attack Iran, they do have bases that can provide much needed refueling for Israeli jets enroute to and from Iran.

The Saudis themselves are unlikely to provide cover for the Israeli jets, although they certainly have advanced American jets, armament, electronics and, most importantly, American training. The Saudis, have always — at least until Yemen — been risk averse, and are more likely to engage in nuclear weapon competition through buying nukes from Pakistan or North Korea.

Kerry is not just a fool, easily duped and out maneuvered by trained Middle East negotiators who cut their teeth bargaining in the bazaar, but he apparently was under presidential orders to get whatever he could. 

From an administration that considered ISIS a “JV” squad, being unrealistic and naive is a hallmark of the Democratic Party. 

Perhaps the administration might have just hoped that the “deal” would unravel in the next administration. 

Another unrealistic expectation.

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