I Am Angry

There is a lot of Internet traffic contending the John McCain was nicknamed “Songbird” — because he talked so much.
I have no idea if it is true or not, but EVERYONE talks under torture, and anyone who has any first, or second-hand knowledge knows that.

So let me tell you why Commander Bucher of the USS Pueblo signed his “confession” — the North Koreans took Bucher to a cell where a man hung in irons — the guy had one eye removed and it hung down his face with black matter dribbling down his face from the extraction. A bone stuck out of his right arm. He had chewed through his lower lip which hung by a thread, and he was just mumbling.

The NK Colonel took Bucher back to his cell and said, “Congratulations, Commander. You have withstood our beatings and torture, and now you see what we are capable of…sign the confession or we will parade your crew (82) and we will shoot them beginning with the youngest (19). If you can watch every crew member die before you — you win.”

If you sign after the 10th or 20th, you have wasted 10 or 20. If you don’t believe you can withstand all, don’t wast any. Sign!”

He signed.

I know this because I represented his family… He had been my XO on a Submarine. I acted as Buchers bodyguard and speechwriter after his return.

I have 26 years service, Enlisted and Officer, and I do not want ANY captured serviceman spoken about like Trump did, unless they have SERIOUS service behind them, and, according to the news, neither foes the Veterans of Foreign Wars.

Trump was a silver spoon Ivy Leaguer — inherited his fathers business. 

I am deservedly ANGRY!

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