Morning Musings

One of my (very) few regrets as a corporate CEO in Los Angeles, is that it did not permit me to do international travel. (Or any travel for that matter, except driving from Poway to Los Angeles)
Today, on the KFI-LA, Leo Laporte technology show (my favorite), the travel expert (“Johnny Jet”) touted a new App for high-end travelers (one would guess, on Expense Accounts) aa it is “Dufle”. — yes, spelled that way.

For high flyers who don’t like to check bags, carry them, pay the per bag fees, or arrive with wrinkled clothes that need pressing, an executive simply packs all of his travel clothes for all seasons, and Dufl stores them in their facility. 

Then, if you are going to London, you can view your entire wardrobe through online photos. You click on the photos of the wardrobe you will need (don’t forget your London Fog raincoat and Tweed Hat), and when you arrive in London you will find your own clothes, cleaned, pressed and hung, in your hotel room!

It is not cheap, that’s why you need an expense account. It is $9.99 a month plus $99 for each city delivery. Still when you consider dry cleaning costs, baggage costs, and the inconvenience of carrying….


Have you heard of the electronics-sniffing dog named Bear?

Apparently he was covered on FOX but I missed that and read an article on CNET.

Bear is a Lab Retriever who was instrumental in finding the well-hidden child porn stash of Jared Fogle the Subway spokesman on TV, on a microSD card which had been missed by humans. 

Bear’s nose is so sensitive that it can differentiate between the chemical compound makeup of a Thumb Drive, an SD Card, or a hard drive. Bear is only one of five such trained dogs!

I find that amazing! (So did Jared…he pled guilty!)

Another Judge Weighs in…

It’s not clear that there were any request of taxpayer information by the White House (that may also be legal under very stringent rules) — but Judge Amy Berman Jackson said the IRS cannot just refuse to say so by citing taxpayer confidentiality laws, known as section 6103 of the tax code.”
Still another Federal Judge, prompted by still another activist group, has deLt the Obama administration a setback — saying that the question of whether the White House requested taxpayer information illegally cannot be denied under a clause permitting taxpayer confidentiality.
Federal Judge Amy Berman Jackson, said section 6103 of the tax code cannot be used to cover possible wrongdoing at the IRS, and that simply citing that statute was not going to act as a shield for possible government malfeasance.

That Federal Judge joins Federal Judge Emmett Sullivan, whose patience is limited to days and weeks rather than months, in permitting answers from both IRS and Justice Department attorneys — he has threatened both the IRS Director and Justice Department attorneys with Contempt of Court!

In politics, you try to get the bad news over as far ahead of the election as possible, to give a candidate as long as possible to rebuild the campaign, but some news is so bad that you can’t risk the information being released at all. 

The Lois Learner IRS e-mails, the possibility of the White House seeking tax information on, say, the Koch brothers, and/or the Clinton e-mail server actually holding classified documents are all, individually and collectively so damaging as to fall in the “modified, limited hangout” term used so often in the Watergate affair.

Morning Musing

Yes, the murder of the two reporters was news, but ask yourself: if the the two victims had been two mechanics in Cedar Falls, would the networks have gone wall to wall for hours? 
The answer is, obviously, No! This is another case of the media covering the media, as if the media is that important. 

They are not. 


The nation will not be saved by Hillary et al, or Trump et all. The nation will be saved by Judge Emmet Sullivan and Judicial Watch, or perhaps by the FBI Director. 

There is a race between Judge Sullivan and the FBI as to which will reveal the result of their investigations. Both are methodical, but Judge Sullivan has both the Lois Lerner and the Server Madness on his plate.


A researcher in the South Seas has seen for himself, for only the second time in 30 years, a type of Nautilus that is thought to be “the oldest animal on earth.” This particular Nautilus type was around 500 million years ago!


The automation of fast food restaurants awaits public acceptance, not technological advances. Of course it is driven on the surface by a $15/hour minimum wage, but actually it is driven by a liberal acceptance of static analysis.

Static analysis holds that you can increase taxes or wages or regulation on people and they will dutifully accept the pain. 

Dynamic analysis says that as you increase those negatives, humans will react to diminish the pain.

Locations like Seattle and San Fransisco are already seeing their restaurants reacting by raising prices on food, or, where that is not possible, closing.

One restaurant, Eatsa in downtown San Fransisco currently has Chefs, but will automatically within two years.


Throughout Europe. It is only recently that Europeans have started to drop their political correctness and are starting to admit that there is only so much room in the boat, and so many rations to be had.

Immigration into Europe by North Africa has reached unmanageable conditions. It is tearing at the very fabric of European society — a Society that for decades condemned the U.S. For our southern border restrictions.

No more condemning the U.S. –except for the Pope, who wanted to enter the U.S. through the plight of the Latinos, but whose Vatican permits zero asylum!


It has long been known that animals use tools of their environment, and that Apes use twigs…but it is a big discovery that in different places around the world, Apes started using stone tools about 5,000 years ago — in effect, some primates have advanced to the point that humans reached more than 3 million years ago — the Stone Age!

And why should not primates advance as well? 

Quick Hits

Control crazies, not guns. 
Guns are Constitutionally protected, crazies are not! 

(If they were, Trump would be institutionalize do!)


Any headline with “Could” or “”May” is speculation, not news. Of course she “could.” And an Asteroid “Could” strike in the next minute!

Tell me when there is something concrete, and only Judicial Watch appears to have or report anything concrete. 


Ramos of UNIVISION is an ass, but so is Trump — a feud between the two is a case where in Justice, they both should lose!

(In a bow to full disclosure, UNIVISION is owned by A. Jerrold “Jerry” Perenchio a multi-billionaire, who is reputed to be a very nice guy — but I took control of a television station in Los Angeles (KBSC-TV) that Perenchio owned about 1982 in a bloodless coup, as an Independent Trustee for a co-owner’s stock. I doubt Perenchio ever knew my name, but he certainly heard what I had done! That was a great gig — I had a ‘”No Cut” contract, and a “hold harmless” agreement — I could not be fired, nor could I be held responsible for anything I did! Ain’t many of those contracts available…but then in a demonstration of no humility at all, there are not many who can wrest control of a TV station from a multi-billionaire.)


It is almost like a baseball game — the pitcher (Hillary) is getting shelled, and is kicking dirt, slowly, on the mound to give the relief pitcher (Biden) time to warm up. The fans in the stands are beginning to boo at the progress of the game…

(The AP reports today that the State Department says that it was “Routine” for classified material to be sent in e-mails! Ahhhh…the old “everyone does it” defense. That never worked before, but then it is a new world.


Trump Supporters

The reaction to Trump is visceral, not intellectual. It is the result of anger at the incompetence of the current crop of Washington politicians, “R” and “D,” and the namby-pamby attacks on that incompetence by the current crop of Republican candidates.
Every candidate except Trump is playing defense, trying not to make mistakes — Trump proves that mistakes do not matter to people who are lighting tar torches, plucking chicken feathers and carrying pitchforks! 

They want passion, not analysis! 

Yes, Trump is a barbarian, but he has identified with the brashness that has always been America, and it is a brashness that has driven America to the top spot among nations. 

I doubt Trump will win the Republican nomination, much less the presidency, but I hope the testosterone he in inserting in the race can move that Grand Old (Boring) Party in the direction of playing Rugby instead of Checkers.

PLEASE Start Your Memoirs!

You NEED to write your memoirs — because only you can!
It’s simple. You tell sea stories to your friends so lake a note on your phone/pad about the subject — just a word or two until you get in front of your computer, then the same way you told the story earlier, you write it later. 

We are not Hemingway, but the same folksy way we talk is the EASIEST way to write. I have published more than 2,500 columns thanks to four Editors — Editors have a skill that writers usually do not have…the ability to spot grammar and spelling errors across a room. 

In the Dark!

Everyone knows someone who has editing skills, even if they never have exercised those skills…they are those who see mistakes in billboards. 

An easy way is to start your memoirs is to collect your special licenses, your photos, your awards…those are the basics of your life and each has sea stories accompanying them.

I had several careers (Jean says I couldn’t keep a job!), and each career was a hoot! I KNOW I have left out stories, but my book still ran 110 pages.

I wrote it in MS Word, converted it to Acrobat .pdf and burned it to discs. Separately I wrote the history of every piece of furniture with photos (Jean’s family still lives on the same farm it founded in 1640 so our home is a museum), and a book on the seizure of the USS Pueblo on-line on my website. 

Those three books were incorporated on electronic media for each member of the family.

The hardest part is getting started, and if you look at the chore as a whole, instead of just collecting sea stories, it is overwhelming. You will be surprised how well it goes if you just start!

You owe it to your Grandchildren. Your children already know — so write for future generations.

Hillary “Should Have Known”

Hillary certainly “should have known,” even if the classification was not marked. Just reading a message that has “means and methods” automatically classifies a message — and as soon as a “source” is noted in a message, bells go off and sirens ring in a reader’s head!
Even Hillary’s head.

There are terms that in themselves, are classified and never spoken in unclassified meetings, or writing. That is how programs like the SR-71 BLACKBIRD could be secret for decades, and in my world, SOSUS could not be written or spoken except on a need-to-know basis. SOSUS was an underwater series of listening devices so sensitive that it could tell from the U.S. if one of my engines was running over its suggested RPM, and could tell even if I was in Japan and the listening center was in the U.S.

I Have been out of the service for decades, and I can bet that there are programs even those in the top echelon of the military will not know about for decades, and whose very acronym is Top Secret. The Secretary of State will now of SOME of these (in WWII, even the U.S. Vice President did not know of the details of the research on an atomic bomb), and the second she read of something highly classified she would KNOW that the entire message was classified!

Her defense that a message was not MARKED as classified is a defense too weak to stand.

She is in a world of hurt, and the Judicial Watch organization is driving hard through the Freedom of Information Act. The Federal Judge handling the case was appointed by Hillary’s his and when Bill Clinton was president, so there is no defense that the continued investigation is political.

A Few Thoughts

Anyone who has handled classified material knows from the content if something should be classified or not, and whether it can be sent plain language.  
I served on a Communications Flagship as the Communications Officer and four submarines as Communications Officer. If I got a plain language message from NSA with satellite photos attached, no one had to tell me — or a Secretary of State — that it SHOULD have been marked Top Secret! 

Hillary spent years in the Senate and KNOWS what can and cannot be stored/discussed/ written/transmitted. While she may hope that Joe and Nancy Schmuk may not understand how to handle sensitive material, the NSA/CIA/FBI certainly do understand! They are looking at her e-mail now, and they know what she should have known.

They operate under ” known or should have known” rules.

Hillary certainly “should have known,” even if the classification was not marked. 


There are parents suing to get the right to choose whether their children must be vaccinated to attend public schools. 

Parents get to choose now…they just can’t attend public school if the don’t vaccinate. They also can’t attend public school if their parents do not let their children wear clothes, or have bad colds, or have head lice or…


Some British firm has filed a Patent on airline seats that can be adjusted for legroom. 

I saw these in the 80s on Aeroflop — you might think they would take a ruler and at the start, measure for even spacing, but this was Russia.

I sat with my knees around my chest, while across the isle, my Editor could do a decent start on a mile run before she encountered resistance.

Would she exchange with me? Of course not! 

(Probably because I told her to pack lightly…I was not going to carry her bags! We had previous experience traveling together to Seoul, Korea. She didn’t listen! That might have been alright, but I would always go to the back of a tour bus, and she would shlep along behind me banging her overstuffed luggage…people thought we were married because of the uncivil way I treated her, but we had gone to Seoul together, and I knew how she packed.)

Yes, still friends — we have lunch together monthly.

Soviet aircraft were all dual purpose, and their seats were adjustable/ removable, so the plane could instantly be converted to military cargo use!

Short Shots

Support someone with so much money they can’t be bought with PAC money, someone who speaks his mind, someone who has shown world-class business and negotiating skills, support someone who is not a politician! 
Support someone who the world fears!
Support someone who can make Mexico look like incompetents! Someone with an ego so big that walls and bars cannot contain him!

Support “El Chapo” Guzman for president!


Nothing certain can be said about Hillary’s server until the FBI says something, but in an update to the famous words of Woody Hays about the forward pass, only three things can happen to a seized server, and two of them are bad. The bad things that can happen to a server are it has been wiped, or it has Top Secret material. The ONLY good thing could be that there is nothing classified.

Going with the odds, I’ll say that Hillary is in a heap of hurt!

Joe Biden has plenty of time to rush to the rescue of his party, but moving too soon would annoy the Hillary hoard, so he is keeping his preparations under the radar. Bernie Sanders main benefit to the race is that he demonstrates how far left the Democratic Party has moved.

My bet is on Biden, and Hillary knows for certain how much trouble she is in unless she just intends to tough it out hoping that The Attorney General will protect her. That is a huge risk to the Party — too many loose lips. She could take a plea deal “to get this behind us” and throw her support to Biden, and there is some time frame during which that’s doable leaving time for a national campaign.

The three Federal Judges, answering the excellent Freedom of Information probes by Judicial Watch, are keeping pressure on the Hillary camp. Bill Clinton discovered to his dismay how dogged a Federal Judge can be., and Judicial Watch is pushing hard!


Fidel has begun the negotiation with the U.S. over the American property seized by his regime, by demanding hundreds of millions in “reparations” through money Cuba could not make because of the Embargo. 

At some point Fidel/Raoul will try to say, “Let’s call it a wash,” but even Obama/Kerry, as big a pushover as they are, can’t be that stupid!

O.K. — they are, but the Embargo is a Congressional action, and the Congress, as feckless as they are, are not THAT feckless. (I hope!)


San Diego has the best weather in the Continental United States, but we live in a “Semi-arid desert!”

And as you may have heard, California is in a drought. What you might have heard is that San Diego County has been preparing for decades, but the State government treats all of California as one big entity.
Let’s just say that San Diego does not have near the crises that the rest of California has because we planned ahead. Still, we are doing more than our share — saving 32% over last year — I am personally saving 50%, but it isn’t easy, because I have a quarter-acre of tropical plants. 
So here we are, facing brown lawns, water police and neighbors calling a hot line on neighbors just to feel simpatico with the rest of California — and we are reliably told that this next Winter we can, with a 90% confidence, be facing floods from an El Niño!

I live on a golf course and just to show how stupid the rules are, the golf course got $7 million in taxpayers money to close the golf course for three months and decrease their grass area to a narrow fairway, and tiny Tees, covering the rough with a mulch of cedar and redwood (called “Gorilla Fiber”)… and the golf course doesn’t use any municipal water! It has 17 wells!

Further, the golf course is going to be ass deep to a tall Indian in rain water just about the time it reopens!

To add insult to injury, the water districts are raising our water rates, because we are using less water, but they keep the same staff so their overhead remains the same, and they “need” more money to pay a staff with little to do but go around looking for water wasters…in a County with plenty of water and just months from a deluge!

Freedom From Facebook Day

O.K. Today I declare my freedom from obnoxious people on Facebook who troll for my “like” and “share.”
These obnoxious trolls say that if I don’t share that I hate America, kick cats, and want the Chargers to move to LA! 

Is there someone, somewhere looking to see that I am refusing to “like” and “share” — on penalty of taking away my birthday?

I will soon be 82, and I have had plenty of birthdays, and someone other than some nameless, faceless troll on FB is going to have to extort me to like” Carly, or Ben, or Trump with something other than “If you scroll on by you hate America!”

I don’t, and have 26 years of military service which is more than the troll who designed the waving American flag FB page challenging me to show my patriotism!

I also declare my freedom from Independent Journal Review (IJR) — you may get them also — they are the ones who have Junior High editors who try to get you into a story with a hook in the headline “the Housewife heard a Strange Noise, abs Boy Was She Surprised…” Well, I have banned them from my FB page because of immature headline editing. Headlines should alert me to the subject matter so I can make a decision if I want to read the story or not!

There are others as well: almost every politician who is trying to take up my time more than a year out — it’s like starting Christmas Sales in March! NO!

Facebook said they were getting into news. I have seen little evidence so far!