Random Thoughts

As my blog readers know, I am enthralled by what Archeologists are discovering daily,as they probe our past.
I have read recently of footprints discovered of a Roman Soldier, and the oldest human footprints yet discovered in the Americas — dated 13,200 years ago. (The oldest human footprints are dated at 117,000 years ago,) Also a cat paw print on a Roman tile. 

But the one that caught my attention as we find more and more evidence of our oldest fore bearers was the excavation of a large mound in Turkey , named Aşıklı Höyük, which contained the first community ever documented.

Before the Pyramids were built, people in Aşıklı Höyük had homes, not huts. 10,000 years ago, one and two room homes existed there, in substantial numbers

Strangely, the homes had neither doors nor windows…residents climbed ladders to get to their “roofs” and then climbed down ladders into their “homes.”


Roe v Wade is TERRIBLE law! Without arguing abortion rights, which I personally favor, abortion is not in the Constitution, and neither is a right to privacy on which the Roe was based. It was a political invention, a means to an end, and a run around the 10th Amendment.

You may like Roe, but wait until SCOTUS uses the same slight of hand to rule for something you hate!


The AP courseware for history is being changed to moderate what has been only the genocidal view of American westward expansion — but there is another, and now soon to be acknowledged view.

I was riding the Mail Boat up the Russian River, when we passed Massacre Rock — the Guide said, “On this rock, three Settlers killed 12 War Party Indians in War Canoes who were going downriver to the American settlement.”

The woman sitting on my row said, “How terrible.”

I said, “Not to the Settlers families!”

It is a matter of perspective. 

History should teach the truth — first, that many (most?) tribes fought between themselves. They were not peaceful, philosophical people — they killed and enslaved at will.

Secondly, they were an aboriginal people who had not advanced to a written language or invented the wheel. In all of human history, aboriginal people have fallen to more technological people. It was not the Indians future to remain living on the land forever, unchanged!


Here is the funny thing. The freed slaves never rioted. Their children who lived in poverty never rioted. Their children’s children — who never knew slavery and lived in grinding poverty and segregation never rioted. Their children’s children’s children who never knew slavery and lived in segregation and lived in grinding poverty never rioted.

This and one previous generation, who have every opportunity available to them, (ask Ben Carson and Barack) riot, kill each other and complain the system is rigged against them.

Go figure.


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