Japanese Historical Revisionism

The U.S. bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is still being debated — but as someone who celebrated that use at the time, it has never been a question to me.
The Japanese destroyed millions of records after the war, but there is no question — admitted by the Nazi’s — that the Germans were working on an atomic bomb.

The Japanese were working on the “Bomb” also — documents found in universities demonstrated that the Japanese had everything — EXCEPT Uranium. 
Here is the clincher — on May 14, 1945, the German Submarine U-234, with a shipment of 1,200 pounds of Uranium Oxide destined for Japan, surrendered to the U.S. on the orders of Germany. The German submarine also contained advanced technology for the weaponry, including a jet engine — and two Japanese officers who committed suicide upon the surrender.

The U.S., Germany, AND Japan were working on the bomb — we got there first. I suppose those who condemn our use of the bomb would feel better if the Japanese had first destroyed an American city.

Meanwhile, there is a revisionist movement — a strong movement — in Japan to rewrite Japanese history, to blame the U.S. and China for the war, and to deny War Crimes like the mass Rape of Nanking, the widespread use of sex slaves, the so-called “Comfort Women.”

This revisionism includes the current Japanese Prime Minister.

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