Taking Back The History Classroom

The left wing is all aquiver about the “right wing” getting a few changes to the way history is taught throughoutpublic schools in America.

Following a revolt by the textbook buyers in Texas, Oklahoma and a couple of neighboring states, textbook authors are modifying, albeit slightly, the emphasis on American History as solely being taught through the eyes of the aggrieved — Black slaves, the expansion of the U.S. over the Indians, Interned Japanese and the “victims” of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.Those comments and feelings still remain, but the new tomes apparently also take a small bow toward the American leadership in the world economy, and military leadership in World Wars.

The liberals claim, with some truth, that the Koch brothers, working on the North Carolina textbooks, tried to get American exceptionalism into the books — apparently trying to throw red meat to the left by invoking the Koch brothers name, and hoping that the rabid left will not realize that the Koch brothers are LIBERTARIANS, not part of the hard right. They support abortion rights and gay marriage among other things…

The left has held sway for decades in their domination of American history, leaving us with generations of students in public schools with anti-American feelings. I find them almost daily on-line, and counter them when I find them. They NEVER go a second round, when answered because they can’t.

But there are thousands of uninformed liberal posts that do go unanswered, and the truth — both good and bad with context for both, that needs to be in the history books.

Unfortunately, the teachers still hold the false narrative in their heads that they were taught!

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