Freedom From Facebook Day

O.K. Today I declare my freedom from obnoxious people on Facebook who troll for my “like” and “share.”
These obnoxious trolls say that if I don’t share that I hate America, kick cats, and want the Chargers to move to LA! 

Is there someone, somewhere looking to see that I am refusing to “like” and “share” — on penalty of taking away my birthday?

I will soon be 82, and I have had plenty of birthdays, and someone other than some nameless, faceless troll on FB is going to have to extort me to like” Carly, or Ben, or Trump with something other than “If you scroll on by you hate America!”

I don’t, and have 26 years of military service which is more than the troll who designed the waving American flag FB page challenging me to show my patriotism!

I also declare my freedom from Independent Journal Review (IJR) — you may get them also — they are the ones who have Junior High editors who try to get you into a story with a hook in the headline “the Housewife heard a Strange Noise, abs Boy Was She Surprised…” Well, I have banned them from my FB page because of immature headline editing. Headlines should alert me to the subject matter so I can make a decision if I want to read the story or not!

There are others as well: almost every politician who is trying to take up my time more than a year out — it’s like starting Christmas Sales in March! NO!

Facebook said they were getting into news. I have seen little evidence so far!

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