Short Shots

Support someone with so much money they can’t be bought with PAC money, someone who speaks his mind, someone who has shown world-class business and negotiating skills, support someone who is not a politician! 
Support someone who the world fears!
Support someone who can make Mexico look like incompetents! Someone with an ego so big that walls and bars cannot contain him!

Support “El Chapo” Guzman for president!


Nothing certain can be said about Hillary’s server until the FBI says something, but in an update to the famous words of Woody Hays about the forward pass, only three things can happen to a seized server, and two of them are bad. The bad things that can happen to a server are it has been wiped, or it has Top Secret material. The ONLY good thing could be that there is nothing classified.

Going with the odds, I’ll say that Hillary is in a heap of hurt!

Joe Biden has plenty of time to rush to the rescue of his party, but moving too soon would annoy the Hillary hoard, so he is keeping his preparations under the radar. Bernie Sanders main benefit to the race is that he demonstrates how far left the Democratic Party has moved.

My bet is on Biden, and Hillary knows for certain how much trouble she is in unless she just intends to tough it out hoping that The Attorney General will protect her. That is a huge risk to the Party — too many loose lips. She could take a plea deal “to get this behind us” and throw her support to Biden, and there is some time frame during which that’s doable leaving time for a national campaign.

The three Federal Judges, answering the excellent Freedom of Information probes by Judicial Watch, are keeping pressure on the Hillary camp. Bill Clinton discovered to his dismay how dogged a Federal Judge can be., and Judicial Watch is pushing hard!


Fidel has begun the negotiation with the U.S. over the American property seized by his regime, by demanding hundreds of millions in “reparations” through money Cuba could not make because of the Embargo. 

At some point Fidel/Raoul will try to say, “Let’s call it a wash,” but even Obama/Kerry, as big a pushover as they are, can’t be that stupid!

O.K. — they are, but the Embargo is a Congressional action, and the Congress, as feckless as they are, are not THAT feckless. (I hope!)


San Diego has the best weather in the Continental United States, but we live in a “Semi-arid desert!”

And as you may have heard, California is in a drought. What you might have heard is that San Diego County has been preparing for decades, but the State government treats all of California as one big entity.
Let’s just say that San Diego does not have near the crises that the rest of California has because we planned ahead. Still, we are doing more than our share — saving 32% over last year — I am personally saving 50%, but it isn’t easy, because I have a quarter-acre of tropical plants. 
So here we are, facing brown lawns, water police and neighbors calling a hot line on neighbors just to feel simpatico with the rest of California — and we are reliably told that this next Winter we can, with a 90% confidence, be facing floods from an El Niño!

I live on a golf course and just to show how stupid the rules are, the golf course got $7 million in taxpayers money to close the golf course for three months and decrease their grass area to a narrow fairway, and tiny Tees, covering the rough with a mulch of cedar and redwood (called “Gorilla Fiber”)… and the golf course doesn’t use any municipal water! It has 17 wells!

Further, the golf course is going to be ass deep to a tall Indian in rain water just about the time it reopens!

To add insult to injury, the water districts are raising our water rates, because we are using less water, but they keep the same staff so their overhead remains the same, and they “need” more money to pay a staff with little to do but go around looking for water wasters…in a County with plenty of water and just months from a deluge!

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