A Few Thoughts

Anyone who has handled classified material knows from the content if something should be classified or not, and whether it can be sent plain language.  
I served on a Communications Flagship as the Communications Officer and four submarines as Communications Officer. If I got a plain language message from NSA with satellite photos attached, no one had to tell me — or a Secretary of State — that it SHOULD have been marked Top Secret! 

Hillary spent years in the Senate and KNOWS what can and cannot be stored/discussed/ written/transmitted. While she may hope that Joe and Nancy Schmuk may not understand how to handle sensitive material, the NSA/CIA/FBI certainly do understand! They are looking at her e-mail now, and they know what she should have known.

They operate under ” known or should have known” rules.

Hillary certainly “should have known,” even if the classification was not marked. 


There are parents suing to get the right to choose whether their children must be vaccinated to attend public schools. 

Parents get to choose now…they just can’t attend public school if the don’t vaccinate. They also can’t attend public school if their parents do not let their children wear clothes, or have bad colds, or have head lice or…


Some British firm has filed a Patent on airline seats that can be adjusted for legroom. 

I saw these in the 80s on Aeroflop — you might think they would take a ruler and at the start, measure for even spacing, but this was Russia.

I sat with my knees around my chest, while across the isle, my Editor could do a decent start on a mile run before she encountered resistance.

Would she exchange with me? Of course not! 

(Probably because I told her to pack lightly…I was not going to carry her bags! We had previous experience traveling together to Seoul, Korea. She didn’t listen! That might have been alright, but I would always go to the back of a tour bus, and she would shlep along behind me banging her overstuffed luggage…people thought we were married because of the uncivil way I treated her, but we had gone to Seoul together, and I knew how she packed.)

Yes, still friends — we have lunch together monthly.

Soviet aircraft were all dual purpose, and their seats were adjustable/ removable, so the plane could instantly be converted to military cargo use!

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