Hillary “Should Have Known”

Hillary certainly “should have known,” even if the classification was not marked. Just reading a message that has “means and methods” automatically classifies a message — and as soon as a “source” is noted in a message, bells go off and sirens ring in a reader’s head!
Even Hillary’s head.

There are terms that in themselves, are classified and never spoken in unclassified meetings, or writing. That is how programs like the SR-71 BLACKBIRD could be secret for decades, and in my world, SOSUS could not be written or spoken except on a need-to-know basis. SOSUS was an underwater series of listening devices so sensitive that it could tell from the U.S. if one of my engines was running over its suggested RPM, and could tell even if I was in Japan and the listening center was in the U.S.

I Have been out of the service for decades, and I can bet that there are programs even those in the top echelon of the military will not know about for decades, and whose very acronym is Top Secret. The Secretary of State will now of SOME of these (in WWII, even the U.S. Vice President did not know of the details of the research on an atomic bomb), and the second she read of something highly classified she would KNOW that the entire message was classified!

Her defense that a message was not MARKED as classified is a defense too weak to stand.

She is in a world of hurt, and the Judicial Watch organization is driving hard through the Freedom of Information Act. The Federal Judge handling the case was appointed by Hillary’s his and when Bill Clinton was president, so there is no defense that the continued investigation is political.

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