PLEASE Start Your Memoirs!

You NEED to write your memoirs — because only you can!
It’s simple. You tell sea stories to your friends so lake a note on your phone/pad about the subject — just a word or two until you get in front of your computer, then the same way you told the story earlier, you write it later. 

We are not Hemingway, but the same folksy way we talk is the EASIEST way to write. I have published more than 2,500 columns thanks to four Editors — Editors have a skill that writers usually do not have…the ability to spot grammar and spelling errors across a room. 

In the Dark!

Everyone knows someone who has editing skills, even if they never have exercised those skills…they are those who see mistakes in billboards. 

An easy way is to start your memoirs is to collect your special licenses, your photos, your awards…those are the basics of your life and each has sea stories accompanying them.

I had several careers (Jean says I couldn’t keep a job!), and each career was a hoot! I KNOW I have left out stories, but my book still ran 110 pages.

I wrote it in MS Word, converted it to Acrobat .pdf and burned it to discs. Separately I wrote the history of every piece of furniture with photos (Jean’s family still lives on the same farm it founded in 1640 so our home is a museum), and a book on the seizure of the USS Pueblo on-line on my website. 

Those three books were incorporated on electronic media for each member of the family.

The hardest part is getting started, and if you look at the chore as a whole, instead of just collecting sea stories, it is overwhelming. You will be surprised how well it goes if you just start!

You owe it to your Grandchildren. Your children already know — so write for future generations.

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