Trump Supporters

The reaction to Trump is visceral, not intellectual. It is the result of anger at the incompetence of the current crop of Washington politicians, “R” and “D,” and the namby-pamby attacks on that incompetence by the current crop of Republican candidates.
Every candidate except Trump is playing defense, trying not to make mistakes — Trump proves that mistakes do not matter to people who are lighting tar torches, plucking chicken feathers and carrying pitchforks! 

They want passion, not analysis! 

Yes, Trump is a barbarian, but he has identified with the brashness that has always been America, and it is a brashness that has driven America to the top spot among nations. 

I doubt Trump will win the Republican nomination, much less the presidency, but I hope the testosterone he in inserting in the race can move that Grand Old (Boring) Party in the direction of playing Rugby instead of Checkers.

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