Quick Hits

Control crazies, not guns. 
Guns are Constitutionally protected, crazies are not! 

(If they were, Trump would be institutionalize do!)


Any headline with “Could” or “”May” is speculation, not news. Of course she “could.” And an Asteroid “Could” strike in the next minute!

Tell me when there is something concrete, and only Judicial Watch appears to have or report anything concrete. 


Ramos of UNIVISION is an ass, but so is Trump — a feud between the two is a case where in Justice, they both should lose!

(In a bow to full disclosure, UNIVISION is owned by A. Jerrold “Jerry” Perenchio a multi-billionaire, who is reputed to be a very nice guy — but I took control of a television station in Los Angeles (KBSC-TV) that Perenchio owned about 1982 in a bloodless coup, as an Independent Trustee for a co-owner’s stock. I doubt Perenchio ever knew my name, but he certainly heard what I had done! That was a great gig — I had a ‘”No Cut” contract, and a “hold harmless” agreement — I could not be fired, nor could I be held responsible for anything I did! Ain’t many of those contracts available…but then in a demonstration of no humility at all, there are not many who can wrest control of a TV station from a multi-billionaire.)


It is almost like a baseball game — the pitcher (Hillary) is getting shelled, and is kicking dirt, slowly, on the mound to give the relief pitcher (Biden) time to warm up. The fans in the stands are beginning to boo at the progress of the game…

(The AP reports today that the State Department says that it was “Routine” for classified material to be sent in e-mails! Ahhhh…the old “everyone does it” defense. That never worked before, but then it is a new world.


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