Morning Musing

Yes, the murder of the two reporters was news, but ask yourself: if the the two victims had been two mechanics in Cedar Falls, would the networks have gone wall to wall for hours? 
The answer is, obviously, No! This is another case of the media covering the media, as if the media is that important. 

They are not. 


The nation will not be saved by Hillary et al, or Trump et all. The nation will be saved by Judge Emmet Sullivan and Judicial Watch, or perhaps by the FBI Director. 

There is a race between Judge Sullivan and the FBI as to which will reveal the result of their investigations. Both are methodical, but Judge Sullivan has both the Lois Lerner and the Server Madness on his plate.


A researcher in the South Seas has seen for himself, for only the second time in 30 years, a type of Nautilus that is thought to be “the oldest animal on earth.” This particular Nautilus type was around 500 million years ago!


The automation of fast food restaurants awaits public acceptance, not technological advances. Of course it is driven on the surface by a $15/hour minimum wage, but actually it is driven by a liberal acceptance of static analysis.

Static analysis holds that you can increase taxes or wages or regulation on people and they will dutifully accept the pain. 

Dynamic analysis says that as you increase those negatives, humans will react to diminish the pain.

Locations like Seattle and San Fransisco are already seeing their restaurants reacting by raising prices on food, or, where that is not possible, closing.

One restaurant, Eatsa in downtown San Fransisco currently has Chefs, but will automatically within two years.


Throughout Europe. It is only recently that Europeans have started to drop their political correctness and are starting to admit that there is only so much room in the boat, and so many rations to be had.

Immigration into Europe by North Africa has reached unmanageable conditions. It is tearing at the very fabric of European society — a Society that for decades condemned the U.S. For our southern border restrictions.

No more condemning the U.S. –except for the Pope, who wanted to enter the U.S. through the plight of the Latinos, but whose Vatican permits zero asylum!


It has long been known that animals use tools of their environment, and that Apes use twigs…but it is a big discovery that in different places around the world, Apes started using stone tools about 5,000 years ago — in effect, some primates have advanced to the point that humans reached more than 3 million years ago — the Stone Age!

And why should not primates advance as well? 

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