Morning Musings

One of my (very) few regrets as a corporate CEO in Los Angeles, is that it did not permit me to do international travel. (Or any travel for that matter, except driving from Poway to Los Angeles)
Today, on the KFI-LA, Leo Laporte technology show (my favorite), the travel expert (“Johnny Jet”) touted a new App for high-end travelers (one would guess, on Expense Accounts) aa it is “Dufle”. — yes, spelled that way.

For high flyers who don’t like to check bags, carry them, pay the per bag fees, or arrive with wrinkled clothes that need pressing, an executive simply packs all of his travel clothes for all seasons, and Dufl stores them in their facility. 

Then, if you are going to London, you can view your entire wardrobe through online photos. You click on the photos of the wardrobe you will need (don’t forget your London Fog raincoat and Tweed Hat), and when you arrive in London you will find your own clothes, cleaned, pressed and hung, in your hotel room!

It is not cheap, that’s why you need an expense account. It is $9.99 a month plus $99 for each city delivery. Still when you consider dry cleaning costs, baggage costs, and the inconvenience of carrying….


Have you heard of the electronics-sniffing dog named Bear?

Apparently he was covered on FOX but I missed that and read an article on CNET.

Bear is a Lab Retriever who was instrumental in finding the well-hidden child porn stash of Jared Fogle the Subway spokesman on TV, on a microSD card which had been missed by humans. 

Bear’s nose is so sensitive that it can differentiate between the chemical compound makeup of a Thumb Drive, an SD Card, or a hard drive. Bear is only one of five such trained dogs!

I find that amazing! (So did Jared…he pled guilty!)

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