Morning Musings

The French are incensed (I know, when are the French NOT INCENSED?) with a new member of the “Sharing economy” called VizEat, that allows tourists to sample the best local cooking of amateur Chefs. The fine cuisine restaurants are logically concerned, just as taxi drivers are with UBER, hotels are with AirB&B, and commercial airlines are with Skypool or FliteShare, which is riding along and sharing a seat and the fuel.
VizEat has 3,000 homes listed in 50 countries, and the French Chefs are understandably concerned, because these concepts expand exponentially, and many tourists would love to meet with a “local” family, eat a traditional home-cooked meal and share a glass of local wine with conversation.

Back in the day I participated in Home Exchanging, the first “sharing” concept. My wife and I lived as a local 26 times, primarily on Kauai, but also we skied Whistler/Blackcomb, British Columbia, and Lake Tahoe. We began when exchanges were all done through a twice yearly published magazine, and I offered to help computerize his publication but he had written the program and didn’t want to program it in a more accessible language.

Readers of my Blog know that I am as amazed by the rapid results of technology discovering the age of Archeology, as I am of politics — and until the political scene sorts itself out I spend time with Archeology.
Recently, the use of cutting age technology has permitted Scientists to more closely date a wooden statue found in 1890 in a aural Mountain bog. The age is 11,000 years old, or twice the age of the Pyramids, and almost three times the age of Stonehenge.

And, a new pre-human has been discovered, not a human but another branch of the tree similar to the Neanderthal branch, and like Neanderthals, it died out as many other branches have. This newly discovered branch, called Denisovians are DNA dated to 400,000 ago, lived in Asia and Southeast Asia.


There are three ways to get wealth: Work for it, beg for it or steal it. Your choice.

 I grew up dirt poor, lived in a rental apartment. My family knew no one, we never owned a car…or even a telephone. I competed my way into Annapolis, retired Qualified for Command of a Submarines, and became CEO of a Los Angeles TV-Station, then retired to a university as a professor or Computer Science. 

And others who are poor intend to take my possessions? As that famous sign in a tiny Texas town said as the Mexican government demanded their loaned canon back in the Texas Revolution from Mexico:

“Come And Get It!”


Climate Change is real, human activity causing it is not necessarily real. Animals, including pre-humans and humans have adapted to those for millions of years. It was only, in geological time, 30,000 years ago that what is now New York City was under 1,000 feet of ice!

Climates Change! Deal with it!

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