Time To Step Up

Normalcy, whatever whenever that was, has ended throughout the world, is shattered EVERYWHERE by a flood of refugees, a poor, tired hungry people seeking what no longer exists — normalcy.
Europe, that hypocritical mass who noisily condemned America for trying to turn back the hoards of the South, now faces their hoards from their south — and it isn’t pretty.

Our minimal problems have never seen almost 3,000 refugees known killed in an eight month period, as Europe is currently witnessing. Luckily for us, most of our refugees are simply seeking a better life, and, while their trek is long and somewhat dangerous — particularly for the women — our refugees are not the desperate of Europe, fleeing a Middle East gone mad. 

Throughout history, refugees have not been given the press coverage of wartime battles, but they are the victims of those battles. Civilians flee where they can, and hide in basements where they can’t. 

The exodus from the Middle East and North Africa is becoming a flood that is overwhelming the Continent. In keeping with their somnambulant demeanor, the EU has called an “Emergency” meeting — in two weeks! Neither the refugees, nor the Constables of Calais, nor the lorry workers who use the Chunnel can — or should wait two weeks.

Refugees are the most miserable of people, tired, in pain, with NOTHING, however much they once had — made equal in poverty and poor hygiene. Humanity demands that they not be pitied, but. Helped. Once given the basics, education — which cannot be abandoned or stolen — will give the enterprising a new start, but that is a long, hard climb.

Meanwhile, there is misery grinding misery and pain, and while it is not easy for the population of Europe, or the U.S. for that matter to differentiate the wheat from the chaff — or those looking for economic gain from those fleeing war — it must be done. Here on this continent, there are those targeted by gangs or governments — those deserve refugee status. 

Does all of this inconvenience us, make us uncomfortable in our normalcy?

Yes, and too bad. Until our political leaders in the U.S. and Europe decide that the challengers to normalcy and stability have caused Europe, US and the refugees enough harm, and face the challenge full force, millions more will be dislocated with Europe and the United States paying the economic and historical price.

We can pay that price now and quickly, or we can continue to pay the refugee price (not to mention the Heritage Sites), slowly and for generations. 

Pay me now or pay me later!

One of the things I learned flying a light plane at night is that we have lots and lots of vacant land. We as a nation must help the refugees.

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