Trump At Least Speaks Aggressive Policy 

The more I see the Obama administration screw up foreign affairs with their pusillanimous reaction to foreign moves,bathe more I like Trump. 
I had hoped that some candidate less self-promoting would mouth the same more aggressive foreign policy but if they don’t, then Trump may emblazon the White House with a neon sign renaming it as the “Trump House.”

No he doesn’t have a plan, or a clue but he does have an attitude, and this nation deeply needs an attitude! Indeed, the world needs to have the United States have an attitude!
The Chinese have been stealing our private information, and our industrial secrets for years, recently they have upped their game substantially because they are meeting no resistance, and the administration has been reluctant to upset the Chinese just before the Chinese visit the White House. Somehow it didn’t stop the Chinese from stealing our secrets just before their visit!

We have warned the Chinese about their off-shore, man-made islands, and we have warned the Russians over Syria, but they simply ignore us — they remember the president’s “line in the sand” over the use chemical weapons. Assad used them anyway, and so has ISIS!

We are being bluffed, intimidated, and generally taken advantage of on both oceans, and it is obvious that John Kerry is overmatched as Secretary of State, and even after seven years as president, that President Obama still has the heart of a community organizer!

I wish this could change before the election, because that is more than a year away. It would help if Trump would turn some of his rhetoric against the president, but I guess he punches down better than he punches up.

Someone needs to put some testosterone into this government!


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