Luddites Beware

Automation is increasing exponentially along with the increase in robotics.
In Downeaster Maine, the migrant worker force picking wild blueberries has been reduced to 1,500 from 5,000 just in the last two years. Meanwhile the crop production has risen from 50 million pounds to 90 million pounds.

The few remaining migrant workers are used in the gullies, where the machines have problems, but the migrant workers know improvements are coming to the machinery.

Still burger flippers want $15/hour and don’t understand that Momentum Machines, which could make six custom hamburgers a minute in 2013, is surely faster now. 

I am certain that burger joints, like car manufacturers introduction of fully automated cars, are waiting for public acceptance, and while automated blueberries packers are hidden from public view, hamburger joints are on many corners. The potential for vandalism, union picketing even of non-union national chains is very possible, along with the automatic union-generated violence. 

But the handwriting is on the wall. Automation, like industrialization is a Gene that can’t be put back in the bottle.

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