Refugees Happen

The exodus from Syria/Iraq/North Africa, millions of refugees all seeking refugee status in the Northern European nations, are not satisfied with the less rich but equally safe Southern Europeans — which are relatively poor. Greece is an economic basket case and unable to even feed the current refugee population on the Greek Island of Lesbos, and Italy is the next economic basket nation coming to the nearest IMF and EU Bank nearest them.
In short, the EU is having an identity crises, torn between its high-minded search for Human Rights, while admitting privately that the flood can alter their culture — and European culture is as highly prized as its dedication to Human Rights. For decades the European nations have turned up their noses at America for not accepting the hordes from Central/South America, scoffing at our complaints about the difficulties of cultural assimilation. The worm has turned.

The refugee flood does not want to stop in safety in Greece or Italy, and that tells you that the desperate horde are at least as interested in their economic benefit as their safety — and, it must be noted that the Northern European nations have much better benefits. 

So Germany and Austria are the ultimate goal, with France and Britain embroiled in previous hordes of immigrants at Calais, and everyone is wondering why the oil rich nations of Qatar and the Saudis are not stepping up.

The answer is terrorists — the Arab states are concerned with terrorism. The European states are concerned with the threat to culture, although they also should be concerned with terrorism. 

This is just a standard, run-of-the-mill refugee crises — it happens often enough that you might think that the world would be better prepared. It happens in every war, and there are wars around the world all the time. The refugee crises over the continent of sub-Sahara Africa have been ignored because the refugees were/are Black, but because sub-Sahara Africa is a constant refugee problem.

The world needs a better plan!

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