Culture Clashes Are Just The Beginning

“Culture Clashes” have already begun in the European Union with the invasion of Muslims in the hordes of refugees — and different European nations are reacting differently, as anyone might guess.
The RULE is that refugees will be handled by the first European country in which they arrive, but that is no longer operable — those nations (Spain, Italy and Greece) are the economic basket cases of the EU. 

This is first a humanitarian problem, but in Germany already one school contiguous to a refugee camp has had to close their swimming pool, lest the sight of bikini clad females — and the high school girls have been warned to dress modestly. The hosts must please the uninvited guests?

I think not, but that’s just me.   

It is just starting, and it is going to get worse, much worse. 

But before that the EU is in for a food fight, trying to settle perhaps ultimately, a million refugees. The EU wants to dictate which nations settle whom — from Brussels. The individual nations want “States Right” to determine individually the number they are willing to take.

The EU is going from crises to crises — Greek bailout to refugee invasion to Brussels dictation to cultural clashes. Within those macro disasters, there are micro disasters like Calais/Chunnel.

And we think we have trouble.

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