A Republican President Will Improve Our “Refugee” Problem

We have 11 million illegal alien (refugees) — that is a lot more than any other country. Many of the refugees we have let come in, because we didn’t impede their entry or vet them, are criminals. Some of those “refugees” we have caught, convicted, and deported have returned multiple times. (The local record for an individual returning (in Escondido) is 17 times.)
I would say we have done more than our share without Syrians, but the president doesn’t see it that way.

Trump has made his positive mark with his immigration policy, even his many negative marks have not been able to bring his numbers back to earth, and that shows how powerful his immigration message message has been received. 

I don’t believe for a minute that a President Trump could or would deport 11 million illegal aliens, but I do believe that ICE would be released to deport many more, and the law that creates a federal felony for returnees would be enforced. A President Trump — or any top tier Republican — would simply enforce the existing laws, including forcing Sanctuary Cities to conform to the law. 

I doubt that there is sufficient fervor in the nation to deport every illegal alien — you can see the chaos that about one million refugees in Europe has caused to the receiving nations. Mexico is a poor, Third World nation to begin with, and they have no resources to receive 11 times what Europe is suffering — and can you imagine the newscasts of crusting children trying to find shelter and food in a strange land they do not speak the language.

No, we are not going to do that. We will, Trump or no Trump, see a more vigorous sealing of the borders to seal further invasion, which will automatically stop Latino anchor babies and slow returnees. 

Things will change if a Republican wins the presidency, but that is not a certainty. Not even a good bet, right now.

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