Morning Musings (in the p.m.)

The head of the Chinese government will arrive shortly — do you really think the head of the China will get anything like the wall-to-wall TV coverage that the Pope is getting? 
Just asking!

The top three stories on the AP are on the Pope, and I have turned off the TV for the duration…


I was really sorry that Walker, the Governor of Wisconsin, dropped out — he was my first choice, but it was apparent that Walker is a better administrator than he is a campaigner. He was not prepared, got organized too late, needed to interject in the Debates if the moderators did not call on him (much as Carlie did, successfully), and simply was not ready for prime time. 

He will make a good Secretary of Labor!


The President of the School Board for San Diego Unified is under investigation for abuse of power.

While she still has the support of her constituency, she obviously used her position to view the Counselor’s confidential college recommendation of her student son, got someone to change it from negative to positive, and used the Board’s website to raise college money for her son. 

Power corrupts…

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