Morning Musings

The introduction of Russian fighter jets into Syria changes the game, enormously!
Aside from the obvious opportunity for a US or other nation getting into a kerfuffle, a chance intercept of an Israeli jet is even more possible. Syria has been the staging point for Russian missiles being trans shipped to Hamas, and Israel has often taken those warehouses under bombing runs. In the future, Russia may be able to trans ship those missiles with impunity.

Putin knows that there is a vacuum in the Middle East, and he can fill that vacuum with impunity. Considering Obama’s reluctance to face China in the southern Pacific or, more importantly the huge and continuing cyber attacks, ISIS in the Middle East, or Russia in the Ukraine, Putin takes chances he would not rationally take. 

Estonia may be next. 

At some point the United States must face this obvious fact — some one will be the major player in the world. 

The world will not be better if China or Russia is that leading country.


Dr. Ben Carson is a Creationist who believes in the Young Earth theory — that the earth is just 6,000 years old.

I believe that this disqualifies him to be president, and he had been one of my five potentials for president. 

How is it that someone so brilliant could hold such insane ideas? The answer is that his “Belief” gene is stronger in his DNA sequence than those who simply believe in religion — at least that is my unscientific opinion. 

Dr. Carson thinks that Darwin was influenced by the Devil. 

If you scratched many of the Republican candidates, you will find a Creationist.

We need to identify them, but it cuts both ways — it could be a big positive for the Evangelical wing of the Republican Party.

Stay Tuned!

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