“…if you have to tell people you are (powerful), you aren’t”

Although Trump has lost some of his luster, he remains formidable because he is the Anti-Obama, and American voters typically respond to the last years of a failed presidency by electing the opposite.
Obama has ruled as he promised, by apologizing for our power, and gradually permitting that power to rust, following the dictum:

O, it is excellent

To have a giant’s strength, but it is tyrannous

To use it like a giant.

-William Shakespeare, Measure for Measure, Act 2, Scene 2.

In doing so, Obama has weakened our strength and our resolve, leading to a democratic yearning of the opposite — Donald Trump, a man fully willing to wield power, nay, anxious to do so!

A willingness to wield existing economic and military power would send shock waves throughout both our allies and our adversaries. Europeans rightly see Trump as the embodiment of the post WWII “Ugly American” — a demanding man, uneducated in the diplomatic niceties, and as George Will deftly defined Trump, “crude and vulgar.”

Will, whom I greatly admire, might have added, “successful.”

And it is this latter point that a segment of the voting population greatly admires. No, Trump gets no points for style, but he certainly ploughs ahead, seeking the one thing that has been denied this nation for too long, success. There are those like myself who have noted a singular lack of military success In Korea, Vietnam, and to some extent in Kuwait and Iraq, although those were military victories overshadowed by diplomatic defeats.

We have not had a full-throated leader of the Roosevelt/Churchill model in my adult lifetime, except Reagan, and the least full-throttled amongst the Republicans, Walker, has dropped out. (He was a one-trick pony, and although I supported his anti-government Union trick, it was not sufficient.)

I had hoped that some candidate other than Trump would see the advantage of bluntness on the grand scale, and there is a long way to go so perhaps more will, but there is only a little evidence . Carson could not be intimidating under any circumstances nor could Bush. Fiorina could — she has demonstrated flashes of it, and that leaves only Cruz of the Top Tier candidates.

Only Trump, Fiorina and Cruz currently fit the Anti-Obama mold.

Rich Lowery of National Review famously said of the last Candidate Debate, that Carly, “cut his (Trump’s) balls off” and we need a president who can do that in a private meeting with Putin, or Assad, or fill-in-the-blank!  

We should find a president who is not feared by the average farmer or baker in Denver, Kyoto, Coventry or Hamburg, but seriously feared by Mullah Omar, Putin, and Assad because they can no longer move on the worlds’ chessboard with impunity.

The moves by a Russia with their impotent military into Syria and the Ukraine, the Chinese stealing our secrets and claiming the nearby sea lanes, shows that there is zero fear of retaliation, and indeed there has been no pushback, and there will not be unless we elect Trump, Fiorina or Cruz.

 Obama has emasculated the nation, and we desperately need the Anti-Obama who will act, rather than just proclaim that we are back.

Dame Maggie Thatcher understood power: “Power is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.”

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