New Sheriff in Town

It’s hard to say what the proper bromide is: The Russians screwed us and we didn’t even get a kiss, or to be less risqué perhaps, Putin ate Obama’s lunch.Whatever, Ivan smuggled fighters into Syria under other cargo, and went active in just days. 

As I understand the numbers Ivan has 30 or so first-line fighters, so our nearby Fleet can sweep them from the skies in a single morning. Of course that requires Obama to order it done, and it ain’t gonna’ happen…not now not ever. 

One wonders where our “Intelligence Services” are these days…hell, ever. They missed 9/11, thesaurus Towers, all sorts of Embassy bombings, and now, this. 

Not that knowing this in advance would have done any good with Obama in the presidency. 

It wouldn’t.

Would someone please ask Hillary about that Reset Button?

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