Political Generals

I had this very liberal Commanding Officer who deployed with us to WestPac, and, when we arrived in Pearl, he went to get briefed by the highest Admiral in the Pacific, COMSUBPAC.
When he arrived back in the Submarine Sanctuary, I went to see him, because I was the Operations Officer and needed to find out our overall deployment strategy. He had his head on his arms, and it was obvious he had been crying.

He pulled himself together and said, “Al, I lied. The Admiral asked if my men were properly trained. I lied and said, ‘Yes.”‘  You and I know this crew is marginal, but if I said ‘No”‘ he would simply replace me with someone who knows the crew less, and take us out to patrol anyway.”

I fear that is the sort of rationalization that our Admirals and Generals are using. They know that for the past long period of time, as is normal in peacetime, high rank is attained by political means. They are men and women who can easily carry on polite conversation in cocktail parties. We have fighters in high rank, but they are eased out, and their names are known…Allen and Petraeus. Gone!

Unless several Generals and Admirals decide to resign simultaneously, and this is as unlikely to happen as a Virgin Birth…oooops, they can do that, now…it just won’t happen. These are political Admirals and Generals, and I suspect they contend in their minds that they will promptly be replaced with new material not nearly as savvy, who will also never tell the president that it would be smart to nip Putin in the bud, while he is on the wrong end of a long supply line…

But no one will, and Putin will be allowed to attain first parity with the U.S. Sixth Fleet, and then superiority…and it is Putin who will establish a “No Fly” Zone over Syria, and then Iraq, and then Iran…and any Israeli or US threatened strike over Iran’s’ building a nuclear bomb will be off the table.

That will be a lot fewer than 10 years. Iran will have the bomb, the US threats will be off the table, and Iran WILL rule the Middle East.

Will Iran then strike Israel? I have no clue, but if that is currently on their strategic plan, it will suddenly appear on their short-term tactical plan.

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